Our range of BASELINE drop-in classes cover a selection of our BASE disciplines, from Barre, Mat Pilates, Strength & Resistance and Boxing.


For the month of July all classes will be our BASELINE classes, with our BASE SERIES courses commencing in August.


A functional movement class drawing on the principles of essential Mat and standing Pilates and Ballet Barre.

Appropriate for everyone. The Base Series is a bespoke range of movement courses designed for all abilities. 


A high energy full body workout incorporating Ballet Barre and Boxing This high energy full-body workout focusses on strength, core stability and balance while raising your heartrate with a cardio blast. Suitable for all abilities. 

Hand wraps / boxing liner gloves must be worn to this class. Please purchase your own, such as these:



The Base Series is a bespoke range of movement courses designed for all abilities. Our partnership with Total Therapy means that we are able to create courses that complement the treatments that you might be having with a range of Total Therapy Clinicians. Our courses are designed with specific functional movements in mind, insuring that individuals have a BASE knowledge and strength to pursue any further activates they wish. Empowering individuals through movement is at the very BASE of what we do. We will guide you through not only what certain exercises do but why we do them. We know firsthand that exercise is NOT a one size fits all philosophy, and that you and your body deserve the knowledge and expertise that our instructors can provide. Our class sizes are limited so that we can finely tune the practice of each of our clients so that each person can safely and effectively work towards reaching their own personal goals.



Why do this course?
Balance is one of the most significant motor skills that if not regularly practiced, determinates as we
age. Balance is an integral element of so many functional movements, like walking, climbing and
taking part in most sports activities. Balance is often overlooked but not at Base. During this course
you will be challenged to use your core stabilisers, facia muscle groups and small Pilates props.



Why do this course?
There are so many misconceptions around the words ‘Strength Training’ and at BASE we aim break
down some of the barriers often associated with this term. This course is about safe and steady
progression. To be at your best you often need to take a step back and assess are you actually
engaging and working the right muscles or are other more dominant ones taking over. We will guide
you through a course where form and technique are perfected before weights, resistance bands and
other props are used to really tone and build your bodies power from the inside out.



Why do this course?
This course is specifically designed for more mature clients. A steady pace is set for the class with a
variety of modifications for each movement. This class is accessible to all abilities and no previous
Pilates experience is required. Within this course you will focus on essential functional movements
to promote independence, stability and strength as our bodies mature. Small Pilate’s props will be
introduced to help individuals progress and advance, where desired. It is imperative that clients
consult with their GP’s or clinician before enrolling on this course.


Why do this course?
The ‘core’ or trunk muscle group are at the very Base of the biggest and smallest movements we do
throughout each and every day. Everything starts at the Base and if this is not engaged and muscles
fail to work in synergy, then we are more prone to injury and imbalance. During this course we will
guide you thorough exercises and stretches to keep your BASE as stable as possible.



Why do this course?
Muscles can tighten and shorten for many reasons, including; through the jobs we do, the way we
sit, our posture or the sports and the hobbies we enjoy. By building in regular gentle stretching and
specific mobility moves, can reduce injury, promote overall wellness and enhance performance. This
course will introduce you to a range of movements that will aid in relaxing and mobilising stiff joints
and over worked muscle groups. Foam rollers, bands, balls and breathing techniques will be used for
different exercises to help you reap the rejuvenating rewards of each of these classes.




Why chose this course?
This course is specifically designed with sports and athletic clients in mind. We will focus on muscle
groups that are prone to vulnerability and can hinder performance. For ultimate sports performance

related results, we suggest that clients also attend a private session alongside the group classes.
Here our instructors can specifically target individual performance goals and design a bespoke
program of movement for your sport.