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Physical movement is life changing. Our mission is to help optimise your body at every stage of your life and bring a sense of empowerment to your mind and body, while removing any limiting factors standing between you and physical movement. We are here to support you in harnessing what your body IS capable of, in an inclusive, uplifting, non-judgmental and safe environment.

Exercise is so much more than achieving aesthetics, it is about your quality of life right now and well into your future.

BASE was born from a desire to bring safe and effective physical movement to every single body regardless of ability, age or size; and a burning desire to break down limiting barriers that stand in the way of every person feeling empowered in their own body and mind.

Our BASE Coaches have travelled their own journey which ultimately brought each of us to a life in fitness; collectively experiencing muscular skeletal injury, ME & chronic fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation and rheumatic disease, autoimmune disease, neurological disorder and cancer.


Through our unique experiences we soon realised that there is not a 'one size fits all' approach to physical exercise, that "no pain, no gain" is the most dangerous attitude you could have towards your body, and that the notion we should all be able to perform the same type of movement and should have the same kind of physical movement desires have hugely detrimental consequences - both physically and mentally.

We know first hand how it feels to face physical restrictions, and how isolating and limiting that can feel. We also know first hand what incredible lifelong benefits come from safe physical movement, appropriate to our individual bodies, and how that quite literally has changed each of our lives. 

These experiences are what unite our coaches and fuels our dedication to continually educate, and excel at helping others with safe, effective and nonjudgmental movement.

Our partnership with Total Therapy means we provide much needed physical training and support to those clients undergoing or having undergone physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


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Instructor Training & Qualifications:

L3 Personal Trainer,

L2 Fitness Instructor,

STOTT Mat Pilates, 

Ballet Barre, Indoor Cycling


Instructor Qualifications:

L2 Fitness Instructor,

STOTT Reformer Pilates and

Mat Pilates, Indoor Cycling


Instructor Qualifications:

STOTT Mat Pilates and Total Ballet Barre


Instructor Qualifications:

Body Control Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Ballet Barre



Instructor Qualifications:

STOTT Mat Pilates & Reformer Pilates


Instructor Training & Qualifications:

Body Control Mat Pilates


Instructor Qualifications:

L3 Personal Trainer,

L2 Fitness Instructor


Instructor Training & Qualifications:

STOTT Mat Pilates, Barre and Reformer Pilates

Judy, 46 yrs


I have been going to BASECAMP for the last 12 weeks and have noticed a difference in my strength & endurance. Naomi is so knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. I am so impressed at her ability to modify the training. I have a syndrome which means I am much more likely to injure myself and she takes care in the supervision she provides. I don't think I have ever been to a gym or exercise session where the individual is as passionate and devoted as Naomi is.



Emma's Reformer sessions are so much better than any gym...What a find!

The individualized balanced and tailored exercises using the specialised machines are, at our age, just what's needed to maintain our fitness.

Judy, 46 yrs


Reformer has really helped with my back pain. I have noticed a difference in my posture and I've lost inches from my waistline. Emma is brilliant to work with, a great instructor. I have felt a real improvement since reformer training, especially as I was recovering from surgery.


I love Reformer. It challenges my body, utilising muscles I didn't know I had! I feel stronger with every class and cannot wait to see Emma each week. Emma is an absolute delight, super knowledgeable and make you feel so welcome

Judy, 46 yrs

Valerie, 84 yrs

I fell 2 years ago and suffered a tendon injury which has caused chronic inflammation of the glute, meaning I am no longer able to walk unaided. Numerous MRI's, doctors and physiotherapy appointments later, I was left feeling hopeless and suicidal as nothing was helping. Amy and Emma were guest speakers at a women's group and I asked for their help - for the last 4 months Amy has come to my home twice a week and I am now able to walk without my frame, some days I feel little to no pain and my orthopedic consultant is blown away with my improvements! Amy is so knowledgeable and upbeat, and she has me moving in ways I've never been shown how to before. She has saved my life.

Judy, 46 yrs

Philippa, 89 yrs

I have been training privately with Amy three times a week for 3 years. I have arthritis and reduced movement, and last year I fell and broke my hip.

Not only has Amy helped me recover from my injury she has also helped me gain strength which has given me freedom to walk outside again with more confidence than I had before.

Amy also privately trains my daughter and grandson - she has become a part of our family and we trust her dearly. 


As a new user of the Reformer. I was delighted to have Emma's Wealth of knowledge and experience to guide me through purposeful exercises. Emma's expert eye allowed me to focus on specific muscles and movements without fear of injury. I was amazing how versatile the reformer is, offering a complete workout and rehab solution for all areas of the body.

Judy, 46 yrs

Anna, 34 yrs

Exercising in a small group with other women I became strong  and most importantly confident and happy.  I was able to see results over 12 weeks without injuring myself and this is only because I had personal attention.

Natalie, 42 yrs

I am 42 years old & I have done many group exercise programmes but none have been more focused, fun and inspiring and encouraged me to give it my best.

Judy, 46 yrs

I was a member of the local gym for many years however I felt uninspired and unmotivated... I was exercising but did not see any physical change in my body.


Training with Amy is a breath of fresh air; she is fun and welcoming and makes everyone feel at ease. Her classes are challenging and upbeat with each day being totally different. 

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