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A high energy full body workout incorporating Ballet Barre and Boxing This high energy full-body workout focusses on strength, core stability and balance while raising your heartrate with a cardio blast.


Suitable for all abilities. No previous experience is needed.

Hand wraps / boxing liner gloves must be worn to this class.

Please purchase your own, such as these:


Our 30 minute classes are the perfect classes to fit

into a busy schedule.


£10 per single class

£90 for a 10 x class pack (expires after 3 months)


A high energy, low-impact workout using all of the Reformer Pilates equipment will have you working up a sweat and moving your body in new ways to discover new power. 

You must have completed a 1:1 or 2:1 Reformer Pilates session Emma before being able to join the Rapid Reformer classes. To book your session with Emma email


Ballet Barre (aka Standing Pilates)

A non-impact full body workout focusing on balance, core & strength.

This is a powerful class with a serious burn factor, we'll have you finding muscles you never knew you had!

This is NOT a dance class!

No previous experience is needed.


Suitable for all ages and abilities.




£13 per single class (expires after 1 month)

£120 for a 10 x class pack (expires after 3 months)


A functional movement class drawing on the principles of essential Mat Pilates and Ballet Barre (also known as Standing Pilates). These full body classes focus on core stability, strength and balance using small pilates props or weights.

Suitable for all abilities, and movements can be modified to suit your needs.




This class is specifically designed with sports and athletic clients in mind - targeting the often underutilised smaller muscles, which, when combined with the dominant muscles used in your specific sport, you will not only improve your PB but will be less prone to injury. Points of focus are: strength & resistance, core stability, balance, mobility, and lengthening tight muscles.

These classes are multidisciplinary classes, using a range of equipment and techniques.

For ultimate sports performance we suggest that clients also attend a private session alongside the group classes - here our instructors can specifically target individual performance goals and design a bespoke program of movement for your sport.



This class focusses on perfecting form and technique to tone and build your bodies power from the inside out. This class is about safe and steady progression.

True progress and strength builds once you are able to isolate the correct muscles required for weighted movement, without your dominant muscles taking over - leaving you vulnerable to injury

This is a class for all abilities and ages and movements can be modified to suit your needs.

Muscle mass decreases at a rate of 3-8% after the age of 30, and that % only increases, meaning this class is an extremely important one for everyone, at any age.


Designed for a more mature client where movement maintenance is required.

Clients may be recovering after surgery, injury or feel they want to develop confidence in their strength, balance or mobility.  

A steady pace is set for the class with a variety of modifications for each movement.

This class is accessible to all abilities and no previous
Pilates experience is required.

Within this course you will focus on essential functional movements to promote independence, stability and strength as our bodies mature.

Small Pilate’s props and weights will be introduced to help individuals progress and advance, where desired.

Please consult your GP’s or clinician prior to joining this class.

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