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As a child Emma loved taking part in regular activities such as; ballet, swimming, dance and gymnastics, until at the age of 11, where Emma was diagnosed with Glandular Fever and later ME.

Building a gradual movement and mobility program alongside having a positive outlook on recovery,  Emma made a slow and gradual recovery spanning 10 years.


As an adult, exercise became a passion and lifestyle choice for Emma. But like for many of us Emma was lead to believe, that any form of exercise was good for the body and so undertook exercise that in hindsight was detrimental to her body type.

Emma’s frustration at repeated injury and physical setbacks led her to co-building BASE.

“My passion is to know and understand the unique workings of my body. To help it function and perform at its best, pain free. My body is my forever home, the house that I will live in forever. I want to invest the time effort and money that I do in other areas of my life, on my self – because I am worth it!

As a consequence of learning about my body, I might be able to help others to feel empowered by their body and mind too, then what a privileged position to be in.”

Emma has always loved dancing, movement and exercise and discovered Reformer  Pilates having undergone hip surgery in 2012. Standard physio helped Emma to a point, but when a friend suggested she try Reformer Pilates it revolutionised her recovery.  Three months of Reformer Pilates later and Emma had made a full recovery and was hooked!  

Feeling empowered and uplifted by safe controlled movement, Emma decided to re-train as a Reformer Pilates Instructor. Wanting to learn from the very best Emma trained with internationally renowned educators STOTT.  


“Being on the reformer is like being a dancer, acrobat and bad ass all in one!” 

Helping others to reap the rewards of this incredible form of exercise is so rewarding and something that underpins Emma’s philosophy on wellness.


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