Our range of Drop-In Classes will work your full body in a range of high energy, low impact classes.

We keep our classes small for maximum results (between 3-8 people)


Ballet Barre (aka Standing Pilates)

A non-impact full body workout focusing on balance, core and lower body strength.

This is a powerful class with a serious burn factor, we'll have you finding muscles you never knew you had!

This is NOT a dance class!

No previous experience is needed.


Suitable for all ages and abilities.

This class is 30 minutes and limited to 6 people


A high energy, low-impact workout using all of the Reformer Pilates equipment will have you working up a sweat and moving your body in new ways to discover new power. 

You must have completed a 1:1 or 2:1 Reformer Pilates session Emma before being able to join the Rapid Reformer classes. To book your session with Emma email

This is a 30 minute class and limited to 3 people.


A high energy full body workout incorporating Ballet Barre and Boxing This high energy full-body workout focusses on strength, core stability and balance while raising your heartrate with a cardio blast. Suitable for all abilities. No previous experience is needed.

Hand wraps / boxing liner gloves must be worn to this class. Please purchase your own, such as these:

This is a 30 minute class and limited to 8 people.


A functional movement class drawing on the principles of essential Mat Pilates and Ballet Barre (aka Standing Pilates)

Suitable for every body. No previous experience is needed.

This class is 45 minutes and limited to 5 people.


Our 4 week courses are so popular we keep having to add new dates!
Our courses are suitable for everybody. We keep our groups small for maximum results (between 4-6 people)


Each course consists of a 1 hour weekly class where you'll get to try out all BASE disciplines for a full body workout: Mat & Reformers Pilates, Pilates Chair & Tower, Ballet Barre, Boxing, Strength & Resistance Training, Free Weights and Bosu Balance.​ Every week will be different and you'll be finding muscles you never knew you had!


Suitable for all ages and abilities and all moves can be modified to suit your bodies needs.

Each course is limited to 4 people in a class,